What We Do

PIRANHA has deployed a variable LEAN operations strategy unlike any in the industry. It occurs in zero white space, leverages multiple disciplines and integrates major components to bring through complex customer demands. These solutions provide our customers with rapid market access, immediate scale, and more importantly, a compelling business model. We invested-in bringing complex system assembly build-to-order/configure-to-order (BTO/CTO) capabilities on site, which has become a well-established competency. Our services include printed circuit board assembly, module assembly, enclosure fabrication, cable manufacturing, system integration, board and systems level test and calibration, full pack out, BTO/CTO and repair/reverse logistics management.

Our manufacturing software transforms product, process, materials, and real-time data into total manufacturing intelligence. Each element supports the goals of speed, control, and visibility throughout the process from the factory office and product launch activities, through manufacturing execution, and culminating in total traceability, reporting, and monitoring.



Wireless, 3G and 4LTE ,WiMax base stations, Wifi, Test Instrumentation, GPS

Piranha integrates a wide range of wireless technologies including GPS, WiMax, 3G, 4LTE, Wifi, Zigbee and Dolly, communications and provide complete commercial solutions. Its variable lean integrated manufacturing solutions allow customers to be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Computer Data And Storage

Computer Data & Storage

Enterprise Storage, Network Security

From Advanced fault tolerant computers / workstations, Mid-range and high-end servers and blades, Networking systems and devices, to Storage Solid state Disk (SSD)San boxes, quality is key to delivering robust products that rule the cloud.


Medical Device

Ultrasound, Mobile and Wired Controls, Telemetry

Medical and biotechnology devices are often some of the most challenging to design and manufacture, and those challenges grow as the technology evolves. But with our proven record of building complex electromechanical devices and strong customer relationships, Piranha keeps pace. Piranha SFC system is based on lean manufacturing processes and designed to be responsive and productive. The class l, II and III devices we manufacture at any given time, our manufacturing floors are filled with devices that play a critical role in saving lives.

Aerospace And Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Digital and Analog Instrumentation, Guidance and Advance Information Systems, Miniature and high performance Rugged Systems

Mission-critical military and aerospace applications need the manufacturing sophistication of a partner such as Piranha. As a supplier to recognized leaders in the market, we have expertise in your demanding and highly regulated environment. We create devices that include a variety of highly specialized technologies such as embedded systems, from warfare to cockpit controls and satellite communications.



Studio Analog, Digital and mix signal sound Mixers, Gamming, advance compression data

Every industrial business we work with has specialized needs — needs that require an experienced partner. Our expertise in electronics, electromechanical sub-assemblies demonstrates skill and precise attention to detail that is second to none amongst contract manufacturers. We develop strong relationships with each of our customers, ensuring every aspect of their product’s build is optimized to their needs. Combined with our wide experience— we have more than 30 different devices on our floors at any given time — and the rigors of the Piranha Production System, this enables us to deliver repeatable and sustainable solutions no matter your needs.



Design Verification Test (DVT), Engineering Validation Test (EVT), Process Validation Test (PVT), Build Validation Test (BVT) and Developer kits

Piranha understands, its critical to avoid manufacturing delays that can result in costly surprises to OEM design engineers. This is an important issue especially so at product launch when time-to-market is key. Piranhas sourcing and engineering strength extends its open door policy to silicon valleys engineers. This simply means you can drop in and count on Piranha to take action without the layers of waiting to hope. Quality is a given but more importantly, speed is King. From one project to 1000s, we jump when you say jump.



Oil, Gas and Flame detection systems, Led lighting, Automotive

Piranha provides a broad range of logistical, testing, inspection, expertise, helping clients run their operations efficiently and safely while protecting expensive assets, products, and infrastructure. From energy generation and distribution equipment and skills and know-how in fossil fuel and renewable energy devices, Piranha will partner with you from the design stage to implementation and beyond, providing expert services to mitigate risk, shorter lead time to market and a competitive edge with a comprehensive suite of testing, inspection and certification programs.

Our Mission

The mission of Proven Process is to be a high-integrity, world-class developer and manufacturer of best-in-class services. The Company's focus is in the development, and manufacturing of electronic assemblies. Our secondary focus is to maintain an environment that is challenging and rewarding for our employees and where open and honest communication fosters teamwork and timely problem resolution. Proven Process endeavors to provide world class customer satisfaction. Our mission is to fulfill our customers’ requirements in a timely, thorough, efficient, and financially responsible manner. Our status is not defined by our size but by our commitment to excellence.