As an electronic systems provider known for its rapid, innovative, and agile solutions, PIRANHA is a high-technology electronics, engineering, and manufacturing service company offering an agile culture of developing and executing robust processes and investing smart in people, facilities, and capital equipment. PIRANHA works continuously to enhance and differentiate through innovative cost-effective solutions to meeting our customer’s needs. With numerous successful cases and customer awards, PIRANHA continues to disrupt traditional approach to contract manufacturing. Speed is King and cost rules.

We are delivering a broad range of boutique customized solutions to ensure quality, speed and smooth transition into the marketplace. Our manufacturing Capabilities include:

Prototyping Engineering Support Services

Model Prototyping and Engineering Support Services

Walk-in service support for Silicon Valley OEM engineers, offering same day services.

Quick turn prototyping (same and next day services), High-speed placement, BGA reball and repair, complex next gen BGA (largest BGA 1m pitch 2700 pin) and Micro BGA. (CSP) Chip scale package, Rework (De-population and Re-population) 01005 placement, fine pitch 8mm placement. Press fit connectors, Cuts and Jumps under BGA, piggyback and teepees, optimized 20 TC Super M.O.L.E profiling. Up to 24x26 panel size, 42 layers 2oz Copper expertise.

World class ((YXLON) 360 degree rotational 3D Xray imaging, Turnkey, Consignment or hybrid kitting. One, two and three day services.

Pilot Npi Services

Pilot, New Product Introduction (NPI) Services

EVTs, DVTs, PVTs and developer kits.

Low and medium volume manufacturing. Lead, Lead free, Clean, no-clean, (PIH) paste in hole, Selective solder, Depenalization routing and stamping, Mechanical assembly, wire harness assembly, Component programming, Product Testing, Boundary Scan, Functional Test, Calibration and Compliance testing. Failure Analysis and Depot Repair Labs.

Production Services

Production Services

Low, medium and high volume manufacturing. Design for Supply Chain, Design for fabrication, Design for Test, Design for Manufacturing, Product testing, advance digital, analog, wireless, (4G-WiMax 3G and 4LTE), wifi, ZigBee, DALI, high speed (100gb sec) and mix signal testing, calibration and Compliance testing.

Quality Services

Quality Services

ISO 13485-2003 Certified, JSTD, IPC certified, ITAR Registered, AS9100 compliant, Humidity controlled, ESD controlled, (SPC) 2D Bar Code device tracking and component control, (WIP) 2D bar Code (single and multilevel) shop floor tracking.

Kaizen approach for continuous improvement and throughput.

Secure premise, 24/7 camera, inferred and motion surveillance to the cloud.

HIPAA IT compliant.

Depot Repair

Depot Repair

Piranha integrates logistics with repair services and robust supply chain management. This integration provides our customers with a complete solution; assembly, configuration, distribution, after-market services and end-of-life management of products, at a lower cost.

Piranha has developed a business philosophy and integration strategy based on lean practices, strong materials management practices, established quality systems, and advanced engineering services that deliver stellar repair depot services.

Layout Expertise With the Following Technologies

High speed frequencies to 40Gbps,Mixed Technology – Flex, Analog, RF, Power, Mesh, High Density Interconnect - Blind & Buried Via / Micro Via / Via in Pad, DDR3 / DDR2 / DDR / Rambus / SDRAM / QDR, Pier / PCIX / PCI / HyperTransport / QPI / Rocket IO / XAUI / SERDES / SPI-4 / AGP, USB / Firewire / Spacewire / Serial ATA , 1GbE and 10GbE / InfiniBand, HDMI / DVI / Composite Video / S Video / VGA, 4G LTE WiMax / 802.11a, b & g / Bluetooth / GPS.

Highest layer count - 44 layers, Highest Pin Count - 60,564 pins, Largest BGA - 1mm pitch – 2,700 pins, Smallest BGA - .4mm full matrix, Most Complex HDI – 28 layer, 7 lamination cycles, blind-buried-micro-stacked vias.

DFA / DFM-Valor Enterprise / Trilogy


  • Automated fabrication rule checking
  • No data leaves without check
  • 10+ years of refinement
  • Eliminates fabrication errors or delay


  • Automated fabrication rule checking
  • BOM
  • Component Spacing
  • Footprint to independent model
  • Eliminiates costly symbol errors

Our Quality Statement

The quality of a company and its products is determined by the quality of the culture that is embraced by its management and its employees. We believe that quality is a way of life, not just in business procedures and product inspections. Our quality policy is based on underlying and unchanging attitudes, beliefs, and values that are held dear by all employees. We believe that the pursuit of quality and excellence is dynamic and constant. Our Quality Policy is defined by these values: Quality through Management, Quality through People, Quality through Change, Quality through Integrity and Trust, Quality through Control, and Quality through Dedication.